Thursday, June 23, 2005

Houston still makes computers

A little press release from HP/Compaq:

HP reaches shipment milestone in Houston

Hewlett-Packard Corp. said Wednesday it has reached a major milestone with the shipment of its 10 millionth HP ProLiant server out of its manufacturing facility in Houston.

The server was presented to Houston-based Continental Airlines Inc. during a ceremony on Wednesday. ...

HP acquired Houston-based Compaq Computer Corp. in 2002 and maintains a large corporate campus in northwest Houston.

Good to hear all computer manufacturing hasn't moved to Taiwan or China. Unfortunately, the buzz seems to be that HP will be laying off 15,000 sometime this summer. Unknown how many of those will be in Houston, but it can't be good for northwest Harris County. One silver lining might be that, if HP starts consolidating, Houston is magnitudes more affordable for their employees than the HQ in Palo Alto or the San Diego division, so more transfers might happen to Houston rather than from Houston. Not that HQ will be leaving Palo Alto anytime soon, but it might become a leaner operation of just top execs and support staff (like Exxon in Dallas or Boeing in Chicago).


At 10:00 PM, June 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be noted that yahoo and many other sites have copied a innacurate verion of the official HP Press Release.

While HP/Compaq have shipped over 10 million ProLiant servers, it should be noted that the original press release said that 5 million of those were built in Houston.

The other 5 million were built in factories in Europe and Asia.

It should also be noted that approx. 5 million servers have been purchased outside of the US, which in my opinion justifies manufacturing overseas.


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