Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Houston profile

This week a friend pointed me to a site that simply compiles information on various cities, including Houston. I'm not going to list everything they have here - browse the page if you want to see the whole array of stats.

The income and home value graphs are interesting with the expected "long tails." I think the year-round weather graphs are my favorite: temp, rain, humidity, wind speed, sunshine, cloudy days, and, my personal favorite, snowfall - where looking at the national average and range makes you very happy to live here. As you might expect, our average temps, rain, and humidity are higher than the national average, our wind speed is below average (a major factor in our air pollution, I'm sure), and our sunshine is just about average.

My least favorite part is the very scary looking EPA "Enviromap" of pollution.

Most surprising fact: we have 25 over-the-air TV stations? Can people actually pick up that many? I've had cable as long as I can remember, so I had no idea.

If you have any nice pictures of Houston, they take uploads.


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