Wednesday, June 07, 2006

NYT on post-Katrina/Rita demographics, inc. Harris County

Quick news pass-along this morning. Here's the story. Don't miss the sidebar graphic map/table. Tom has the Houston excerpts, with some interesting data points. Chronicle also has the story today. A couple data excerpts:
Today's census report showed that Harris County — a major destination for Katrina evacuees — grew by about 92,000 residents after the storm. But local officials questioned that number. Locally generated figures suggest as many as 150,000 evacuees might reside in the county, about 90,000 of them in FEMA-funded housing.
Frank Michel, spokesman for Mayor Bill White, cited a survey of Katrina evacuees in Houston that showed about 50 percent want to remain in Houston, 25 percent want to return and 25 percent are undecided.


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