Thursday, December 31, 2009

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch...

...please take a look at my new application as you consider your New Year's/Decade's resolutions:
Life Mastery Trainer

Everybody has had the inspiring experience of reading great advice or wisdom for improving their life. But that initial enthusiasm is rarely enough to sustain the long-term effort needed to convert that advice into ingrained habits, and the opportunity to transform our lives is lost. Life Mastery Trainer is designed to not only help you integrate those practices into your daily life, but also create a community of users sharing and rating their favorite practices for a wide range of situations.
I've been working on it with a team for over a year, and we just got it approved by Apple for the iTunes app store last week.

Apologies for putting a non-Houston-related post on the blog, but it's really hard to break out of the clutter of 100,000 other store apps. If we can get enough sales to get on some of the top lists, then thousands of other iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to discover it and improve their lives. Please also consider mentioning it to your friends via email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here's the direct link to the app in iTunes.

And here's the link to the community web site with the app description, screenshots, forums, and the ability to submit new practices (it's pretty basic right now, but we plan to expand and improve the site soon).

Deepest thanks for your time and consideration. And may you have a masterfully Happy New Year/Decade!


At 10:23 AM, January 08, 2010, Anonymous Kurt Stoll said...

Make sure to join us for Houston's first iPhone Dev Camp on Jan 30th & 31st at Coffee Groundz on Bagby. More info here:

Also, the Chron is working on an article talking about iPhone App Developers/Companies here in town. If you (or any of your readers) would like your App/Company to be part of the list, make sure to add it to:

Best Rgds,
Kurt Stoll

At 2:29 PM, January 08, 2010, Blogger Tory Gattis said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kurt. Much appreciated.

At 11:26 AM, January 29, 2010, Anonymous My Ipod said...

Thank you.. will downloading now.


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