Saturday, January 16, 2010

A couple of events this week

Just want to pass along a couple of event announcements for those who might be interested.

The first is a personal one: Bob Sanborn of Children at Risk has asked me to co-host his KPFT radio show from 3 to 4pm on Monday Jan 18th. The theme is 2010 predictions, and here are some of the topics:
“Light Rail – Is it good for our children?”

Bob - For
Tory – Against (I was assigned this position, even though I have a mixed opinion. Nonetheless, Bob should fear me... ;-)

1. Environment Predictions
2. Health: Impact of Obama’s new health bill
3. Arts: Predictions for Best Picture of the year
4. Politics
  • a. When will Texas go blue?
  • b. Governor’s Race
  • c. House of Rep/Congress
  • d. Leading Republican Candidate against Obama
5. Education: Superintendent
6. Sports?
You can listen live at 90.1FM or find it online afterward in the KPFT archives here.

The second event is a symposium and indicator "report card" release on air quality, parks and trails, and trees by the Center for Houston's Future on Wednesday morning Jan 20th at the GRB. Details here, including registration.
This year’s report focuses on Air Quality, Parks and Trails and Trees. Its results span a 10-year period that gives a more accurate picture of the region’s quality of place, and its improvement or lack thereof, over time. A chapter on the health implications of these changes has also been added to better illustrate how these indicators affect our everyday lives. In light of the Obama Administration yesterday releasing new EPA limits, the air quality piece in the report may be of particular interest.

Panelists at this important Symposium include experts in air quality, parks and trails, and trees, as well as public health experts who will discuss the implications of these Indicators on the well-being of the region’s residents.

Keynote Speakers include Kathleen Wolf, Ph. D., a Research Social Scientist and Professor at the University of Washington, and Larry R. Soward, a former TCEQ Commissioner who, until last year, was known for his efforts to balance environmental concerns with business objectives. He will speak about the challenges our region faces and the commitment required to improve. Dr.Wolf will speak to the social and economic benefits of these indicators, including the competitive edge that they provide to our region.
Hope to see you there!

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At 5:40 PM, January 16, 2010, Blogger Alon Levy said...

Is there going to be a transcript of the radio show? It sounds interesting, but I don't have the time to listen, especially live.

At 9:38 PM, January 16, 2010, Blogger Tory Gattis said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Sorry. I'm the same way: I can absorb written material so much faster than video or audio.

At 5:32 PM, January 18, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck, Tory, and don't put up with any "rail anti-christ" nonsense either. Stick to your guns.


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