Sunday, June 10, 2012

Texas winning; United, CA, HSR losing

A few quick misc items this week:
"The Texas economy grew 3.3 percent in 2011, and the growth was broad-based. Not just oil, not just manufacturing. Texas now accounts for 8.7 percent of the nation’s economy, up from 7.4 percent a decade ago."
“If you draw a triangle whose points are Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, enclosing Austin, you’ve just drawn a map of the economic and jobs engine of North America.
Texas prospers not just because of oil and gas, but thanks to a diversified and sophisticated economy. It has attracted large numbers of both immigrants and domestic migrants for a quarter-century. One in 12 Americans lives there."

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At 5:00 PM, June 12, 2012, Anonymous Anphang said...

Is it weird that this flaming liberal likes the Weekly Standard *way* more than the Washington Examiner?


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