Monday, April 17, 2023

The decisive argument for school choice, transit agencies go insane, stop road diets, HTX tops home building and affordability, and more

 A lot of smaller items to catch up on this week...

  • Houston Alliance for Reasonable Traffic Solutions (ARTS). Fantastic site exposing how road diets are hugely problematic. Hat tip to Barry.
  • The best argument I've seen for school choice: in states that have implemented it, public schools for low-income students have gotten dramatically better even while not losing many students!
  • Fortune: The $300,000 starter home is going extinct (archive link): ‘A renter society not because of choice but because of force’ Affordability has collapsed across the country, although Houston and San Antonio continue to outperform. The Dallas collapse is surprising - almost as bad as Austin. Percentage of new homes under construction which are priced under $300,000, according to Zonda Home: (click/tap on graph for a larger version)

"In the 1990s, light-rail lines that cost $50 million a mile ($100 million in today’s dollars) were considered extravagantly expensive. A decade ago, the average light-rail line cost about $125 million a mile ($160 million in today’s dollars). Last year, average light-rail construction costs had risen to $278 million a mile (about $310 million today).

This year, the average light-rail cost has grown to $384 million a mile. Average commuter-rail costs have grown from $232 million a mile last year to $447 million a mile. Average heavy-rail costs have exploded from $974 million a mile to $1.4 billion a mile."

"On November 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Austin voters foolishly agreed to raise property taxes in order to build 28 miles of light rail at a projected cost of $5.8 billion. To avoid congestion, the downtown portion of light-rail lines would go through a four-mile-long tunnel.

No one reading this blog will be surprised to know that, in the short amount of time since then, projected costs have nearly doubled to $10.3 billion. Early this week, the city’s transit planners announced a new plan that would build fewer than half as many miles of light rail."

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At 6:19 PM, April 17, 2023, Blogger George Rogers said...

The transit agencys are not insane, but extremely corrupt!


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