Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita

I've noticed a few sites pointing to me for Rita coverage, which is very flattering, but real-time news has never really been my thing. The Chronicle and Drudge Report have great links. The track projections seemed to be moving away from Houston, but they moved more our direction this afternoon. I live in Meyerland (near Bellaire) pretty far from the bayous and just at the edge of the 100-year flood plain (Allison wasn't a problem), so I think we're going to stick it out. If the eye tracks more our direction tomorrow, that plan may change.

Traffic is just nuts all over town. Has been all afternoon and getting worse. If you want to evacuate while maintaining your sanity, I recommend 4am tomorrow morning. (5am update: I just happened to be up, and the traffic map is still gridlocked all over town. Insane.)

If we do stay, and if we keep power and Internet access and I have interesting first-person observations (a lot of "ifs"), I might put a few posts up. I'll probably suspend continuing the Envision Houston post series until next week, since it seems irrelevant to the immediate reality around us.

Good luck and stay safe.


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