Saturday, March 05, 2016

America's Housing Crisis, new hurricane surge maps, techies escaping Silicon Valley for Houston, affordable housing, and more

Before getting to the big backlog of items this week, I should mention that our Center for Opportunity Urbanism recently held a very successful and well-attended luncheon event to release our newest report on America's Housing Crisis.  Chronicle coverage here, and coincidentally it got reinforced by this story at NPR about millennials moving to the suburbs.  The report is packed with interesting stuff - definitely worth at least a skim.

Moving on to this week's items:
"When trains start running on 11 new miles of Gold Line tracks this weekend stretching eastward to Azusa, will they carry any passengers? Ridership on Metro's buses and trains has been not just stagnant, but shrinking for nearly two years. At the start of 2014, there were on average 1.45 million bus and rail boardings on weekdays. A year later, it was 1.38 million. By January 2016, weekday boardings had further slipped to 1.27 million. 
Even given transfers and round-trips, it would appear that upward of 130,000 Angeleno commuters have abandoned mass transit."

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