Tuesday, September 06, 2005

WSJ on Houston's generosity

The Wall Street Journal has a front page story today on efforts in Houston to help refugees, and I have to pass along some of the more touching quotes:

To Jerome Lyons, a New Orleans construction worker who spent five days trapped in waterlogged New Orleans, the wave of help in Houston seems more powerful than the hurricane. "All races, all colors, all express their love," he says. Mr. Lyons, who was rescued by boat from his home, says strangers have given him money on the street to help him get a new start.


Interviews with evacuees from New Orleans suggest that some have no intention of returning. Even a modest job in a new home may represent an improvement over what they left behind. Reco Parker, 31, a hairstylist now staying at Houston's Astrodome complex, says he's going back to New Orleans, but only long enough to try to salvage the more than $1,000 worth of hairstyling equipment he left behind. He plans to return to Houston, saying he's bowled over by Texan hospitality.

"They seem like loving people here," he says, adding that he's scared of staying in New Orleans after the hurricane.

And then, on a more humorous note...
The church did receive a call from one man offering to share his one-bedroom apartment with up to "four ladies." Mr. Middlebrook declined the offer.


At 3:25 PM, September 06, 2005, Blogger kjb434 said...

$1000 of hair equipment?

At 9:42 PM, September 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon, kjb, as a gay man yourself, you know you can never have enough hair equipment.:-)

At 8:36 AM, September 07, 2005, Blogger kjb434 said...

All I have is a set of clips my partner uses on me.

Saves me the trip to the stylist.

At 2:55 PM, September 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mean to change the subject from hair styling equipment, but I wanted to share the following comments from a friend of mine who is potentially moving back to Houston after several years in Albuquerque:

"I want to tell all Houstonians that I think y'alls response to the Hurricane has been outstanding. I'm proud to be potentially moving back there."

As I said to Tory off-blog, it's one thing to hear that sort of talk from news commentators, but quite another when the average person living far from here is actually thinking it. Like I've said elsewhere on this blog, this has become a truly defining moment for Houston, and so far we're hitting a home run. Maybe people will now stop thinking of Enron first when they hear the word Houston.

You may resume your discussions of coiffure care if you wish.


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