Sunday, June 14, 2015

Houston demonstrates social mobility, attracts millenials, ranks #1 for charity, beats Dallas; fixing transit to Galveston, and more

Lots of items this week:
"Notably, cities where incomes grew at the top overlapped very little with those where incomes grew at the bottom. Of the 11 cities where 20th-percentile incomes increased by a statistically significant margin from 2012 to 2013, just two (Jacksonville and Houston) also posted gains at the 95th percentile."
Finally, a Chronicle piece on how difficult it is to use transit to get from Houston to Galveston, which reminded me of my old proposal to move the Clear Lake Park-and-Ride to Space Center Houston to improve tourist access.  It would be pretty awesome if both Metro and Island Transit cut a deal with Space Center Houston to use their underutilized-on-weekdays parking lot for Park-and-Ride service, enabling tourists both from Houston and Galveston (like cruise-shippers) to visit NASA (Houston’s #1 tourist attraction) while also creating a natural Houston-Galveston connection…

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At 12:42 AM, June 16, 2015, Anonymous Rich said...

Meanwhile, talks of hyperloop transit development are brewing:

How serious such talks potentially are of course remains to be seen. :-)

At 1:40 PM, June 16, 2015, Anonymous Mike said...

Regarding the apartment issue - I didn't sense that much complaint from the article, except that it merely explained that for a median-priced apartment, $15.13/hour for each of two people is what you need. It's probably interesting to people because middle income apartments are widely considered what's minimally needed in order to have a home that's safe, and in a decent school district. Many low income families raising children devote an outsized portion of their budget to their apartment so that their kids can grow up in a safe place with affordable schools. Those are probably the people who find the article newsworthy.


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